Our strategy


Vision. A dynamic hub that connects people in our community.

Purpose. Foster community engagement to enhance quality of life by facilitating access to relevant activities and services.

Strategic Plan Values. respectful, honest and open community focussed and responsive professional and accountable collaborative, inclusive and embracing diversity

Goals. To actively develop partnerships, relationships and networks.

Strategies. 1. Identify and develop mutually beneficial relationship models with our partners. 2. Explore opportunities for developing collaborative projects, sponsorship and funding. To effectively promote the services, programs and activities of The Roger Morris Centre

Strategies. 1. Identify our key target audiences. 2. Disseminate information internally, online, through our networks and via the media. To engage with our community by providing opportunities for enjoyment, contribution and learning. Strategies. 1. Identify programs and activities relevant to the needs of our Community. 2. Effectively deliver relevant and diverse programs to our Community. 3. Actively encourage volunteers and facilitate their involvement in our Community. To operate a viable, effective and accountable community centre.

Strategies. 1. Attract, train, and retain community focussed and enthusiastic staff and volunteers. 2. Continually develop accountable management systems to ensure long term stability, viability and growth. 3. Ensure that our facilities and practices support sustainability.

www.therogermorriscentre.org.uk info@therogermorriscentre.org.uk The Roger Morris Centre, Eastrop way, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 4QE. Telephone: 01256 410605