Kids Party Packages

Some people may think that planning a big party for your kids’ birthday may be a waste of time and money because they probably won’t remember it, but chances are, if you plan the perfect party, your kids will not only have the time of their young life, but they will hold onto that memory for a long time.

Here at The Roger Morris Centre we will aim to do everything we can to make sure that the party goes smoothly. The Roger Morris Centre is a safe, clean and friendly venue, there is loads of space for children to be able to express themselves, and parents will have the knowledge of knowing they are in a safe environment. We offer a wide variety of FUN party packages which will take your party from a basic party to a party that your child and their friends will remember.

D.I.Y party.

This is perfect to do your own thing as it is hall hire only.

Disco Skittles- The most fun kids can have.

Enjoy a kid’s party with a spin; use our Skittle lane with our dazzling disco light show and party music from our in house sound system.

Bounce party.

Enjoy a fun bouncing time with the hire of a bouncy castle for your party.

For more information and prices, why not download our Kids Party leaflet?